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        Introduction to WorleyParsons Group

        WorleyParsons is a leading provider of professional services to the resources & energy sectors and complex process industries. Currently, we have 22,800 employees in 106offices and 42 countries around the world.
        OneWay is WorleyParsons’ enterprise-wide integrity management framework which establishes corporate expectations for Zero harm to our business. That starts with zero harm to people and assets, and zero environmental incidents. It applies to every single person that works for WorleyParsons.

        Introduction to WorleyParsons China

        WorleyParsons China is the largest international engineering and construction service provider in China, employing in excess of 1000 personnel. Our China Headquarters is located in Beijing, with four other operating offices in Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Chengdu.
        Our services include front end engineering design, detailed engineering, asset improvement, procurement and construction management, EPCM and PMC services for all customer sector groups as mentioned above.

        What’s so special about WorleyParsons?
        "We are fortunate that because of our extensive geographic footprint and a strong track record of delivery through every phase of major projects we have been able to build global long term relationships with leaders of the resource sector.
        Many staff join because they get to work on the most challenging projects for the biggest companies in the world who are very focused on innovation and value.
        The level of collaboration we achieve with our customers is special.




          行政人事專員(1人)   人事部實習生(1人)
          Document Controller(若干)   HSE Manager(1人)
          Senior Water Treatment Engineer – (Power Plant)(若干)   Senior Electrical Engineer - Power(若干)
          財務部實習生(若干)   Instrument Engineer/儀表工程師(若干)
          Electrical Engineer/電氣工程師(若干)   Drafter-制圖員(若干)
          Piping Engineer-管道工程師(若干)   Senior Planner(若干)
          動設備工程師 Rotating Engineer(若干)   工藝工程師 Process Engineer(若干)
          業務發展經理(若干)   Engineering Manager(若干)
          Tax Manager(1人)   Power Business Development Manager(若干)
          Contract Engineer(若干)   行政助理兼前臺(1人)
          高級除灰/運煤工程師(1人)   Water Treatment Engineer(2人)
          Chief Electrical Engineer(2人)   高級送配電結構工程師(1人)
          Senior I&C Engineer(2人)   Mechanical Engineer ( Boiler )(2人)
          Senior Mechanical Engineer(2人)
        聯 系 人: 人力資源部
        聯系地址: 朝陽區容創路17號時代領域大廈
        電子郵箱: hong.bi@worleyparsons.com
        公司網站: http://www.worleyparsons.com
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